Disc spring

Disc spring specially made to order

Inquiries about this product

We design custom-made Disc springs according to the purpose, the used place, condition, and enviroment of an application. Please inform us of mounting conditions, dimensions during operetion and load conditions etc..
It is possible to incorporate the disc springs in a case and preset it in advance in according to the customer's application.
Mass-production can be supported for various sizes.


S60C - S70C, SK85, SUP10, SUS304, SUS316, SUS630, others


・crutch and brake of a construction equipment
・tool chuck of a machine tool
・antirattler of pressing machine
・brake unit of elevator
・electric curcuit braker
・metal cutting machine tool
・clamping device of a continuous-casting Installation
・The furnace lid of a coke oven
・Flood-gate roller

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