Summary of Company

Company Name Heiwa Hatsujyo Industry Co.,Ltd.
Establishment April in 1951
Capital 385 million yen
Contents of business Puroduction & sale of disc springs, snap rings, washers, flat springs, wire springs & deformed wire
Number of employees 260
Head offices 〒532-0031
3-7-26 Kashima, Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City
℡06-6302-5311 FAX:06-6302-0030
Branch offices & factories
Offices :
Tokyo, Kakegawa, Nagoya and Takasaki
Hyogo and Shiga

Click on the link below, you can see the aerial shooting videos by a drone of Sasayama factory and Shiga factory.

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Mainly belonged to: Japan Spriong Manufacturers Association,
Japan Bearing Industrial Association,
Japan Association for Vibration Technologies

About our company name and emblem.

The founder Ichizo Tsurumoto engaged in the manufacture of precision springs for weapons and aircraft during the Pacific War. After the end of war, he made a name of "Heiwa Hatsujyo Industry" with a strong desire to recovery Japan by making use of the manufacturing technology cultivated in the military industry to non-military industry. ("Heiwa" means peace in english. "Hatsujyo" means a spring in english.) Our company emblem is designed based on the name of the founder, and the emplem badge is distributed to all employees.

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