History of HHK

1951 April Established in Osaka as a manufacturer of precision springs and spring washers.
1954   Started production of snap ring for bearings.
1957 February Osaka Crane Association (dealer) was organized.
1958 October Tokyo sales office was opened.
1959 January Tokyo Crane Association (dealer) was organized.
1959 September Started producing spring components for bearings.
1960   Developed the crown-shaped cage for bearings.
1961 - 1962   Developed the disc spring unit for the bullet train.
1968 January Tannan factory in Tannan-cho, Taki-district, Hyogo prefecture (present Sasayama-city) was opened.
1970 April Heiwa Seiki Co., Ltd. was established in Konan-cho, Shiga prefecture.
1972 February Obtained a patent for jagged cone disc springs.
1974 November Obtained a patent for PS lock washers.
Adopted by JR companies and private railways.
1981 June Obtained a patent for the spring washer without baking formula.
1984 - 1985   Developed and supplied the coned disc spring unit to prevent vibration in Seto-Ohashi Bridge.
1987 November The second Tannan factory was opened next to Tannan factory.
1989 Novembe Factories combined and renamed Tannan Seisakusho.
1991 February Capital 385 million yen.
2002 November Acquired ISO9001:2000 certificate (from JQA).
2003 August Heiwa Seiki Co., Ltd. acuired the ISO9001:2000 certificate (from JQA).
  November Marged Heiwa Seiki Co., Ltd. and renamed as Shiga factory.
    Tannan Seisakusho was renamed as Sasayama factory.
2004 July Sasayama factory was acquired ISO14001 certificate (from JQA).
2005 May Nagoya sales office was opened.
2006   PS lock washers supplied to Taiwan High Speed Rail (Taiwan Shinkansen).
2006 November Shiga factory was acuired ISO14001 certificate (from JQA).
2007 February Kakegawa sales office was opened.
2007 September The fourth Shiga factory was opened.
2008 August Heiwa Hatsujyo Industry Co., Ltd. was acquired ISO14001 certificate (from JQA).
2011 October Heihatsu Spring (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established.
2013 April A test facility of large disc spring units was built at the Sasayama factory.
2013 August Takasaki sales office was opened.
2014 June Heihatsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established.

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