Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Basic Privacy Policy

Heiwa Hatsujyo Industry Co. (hereafter: “the Company”) handles the private information of its costumers in order to provide its services.

Acquisition of Private Information

When the Company receives private information from its customers, the purpose (hereafter: “intended use”) of this private information will be made clear to the customer in advance.

Intended Use of Private Information

The Company uses the private information it has received from its customers for the following purposes. If the private information is used for any purposes that do not fall under the descriptions below, the customer in question will be asked for consent in advance.

  1. Identification of users
    • In order to identify members and users of this service
  2. Provision and management of the Company’s service(s) for which the customer has applied/registered
    • In order to provide and manage the Company’s service(s) for which the customer has applied, registered or signed a contract
    • In order to manage payment information and purchasing information related to the purchasing/use of services/products
    • In order to manage and respond to product/service deadlines
    • In order to collect debts
  3. Information provision through Email, direct messages or websites
    • In order to provide proposals and other information related to the products/services the Company handles (including the shipping of catalogues etc.)
    • In order to provide proposals and other information related to repairs, support and maintenance of the products the Company handles
    • In order to provide information related to campaigns, fairs and events
    • In order to provide information related to questionnaires/monitoring
    • In order to provide purchase history information etc.
    • In order to provide guidance for changing, cancelling and returning orders
  4. Support
    • In order to record, confirm and deal with inquiries and consultations
    • In order to record, confirm and deal with repairs, support and maintenance
    • In order to provide after-sales service for the services
  5. Other
    • In order to provide new services in the future
    • In order to provide service that is adjusted to the customer
    • In order to notify/contact the customer

Disclosing Private Information to Third Parties

The Company will not disclose the private information of its customers without receiving consent from the customer in question, except for cases where the laws for the protection of privacy demand it.

Disclosing/Revising Private Information

If the customer requests disclosure/revision/addition/deletion of his/her private information, such as when the content of the private information is incorrect, the Company will respond swiftly to these requests after performing due investigations.
At that time, the Company will not respond to these requests if the customer’s identity cannot be confirmed.

If you have any requests regarding the handling of private information by the Company, please contact us.

Consignment of the Handling of Private Information

The Company may consign the handling of the registered private information to an entrustee within the scope required for the intended use mentioned above.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company is continuously improving its compliance program for the protection of private information by appropriately revising it in accordance with the management environment. If any change occurs to the intended use, scope or acquisition of the customer’s private information, the Company will provide the latest information by posting it on the website.

Heiwa Hatsujyo Industry Co., General Affairs Department

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