A message from president

We support creativity with our spring products

Since our foundation in 1951 as a spring manufacturer, we have been providing products such as disc springs, washers, flat springs and snap rings to a wide range of fields including the automotive,industrial machinery,construction machinery,railway,and housing industries.You can find many of our products around you. Also, we are continuing to develop high precision, high performance springs while refining our technology.

We developed some vibration control products that minimize earthquake shock using disc springs.These products are used for tall buildings. And we introduced test equipment for high loads in our Sasayama factory in 2013.

Meanwhile , we have been promoting the development of new markets for globalization. As part of these efforts, we established HEIHATSU SPRING(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd. in Suzhou, China in 2011 and HEIHATSU (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in Thai land in 2014. We are preparing for the establishment of new bases in other regions as well in order to meet customer demand.

We have been making an effort to improve customer satisfaction levels through sincere responses and intend to keep providing high quality products to gain our customers' trust so that they have had a good business with us. We hope to continue your support, encouragement and cooperation.

President Hiroyuki Haruki

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